AMAZING LIGHT FIXTURE I fell in love …. this fixture is so unique Perfect for foyer, over a dining table or ????- it uses energy efficient LED’s and is dimmable! I just got this one for a client. I can’t wait to see it installed! Hundreds of hand-strung stands of stainless steel cable creates an […]

5 Tips on How to Choose Garden Furniture

During the warmer seasons of the year, families naturally gravitate towards the outdoors – the fresh air, warm sunlight and serenity of nature appeal to most and thus most people are always on the lookout for convenient places to enjoy at least a small part of nature. So it’s no surprise that home gardens are […]

Clean Air Plants

What do English Ivy, Peace Lily, Spiderplants, Boston Fern, Pothos, Hear Leaf Philodendron all have in common? Yes, they are all indoor plants. What is very cool is that they all help improve the interior air quality of your home. Did you know that your carpet, cabinetry, electronic equipment (TV’s, etc.) may all be emitting […]

Laura Birns: Her Excitement and Woes Pioneering in Green Design

Laura Birns, an interior designer with many years of green design experience, speaks about how she incorporated green materials into her designs years ago when green products were new to the market. She recounts her woes and funny stories, and talks about how the green materials she previously used have been significantly improved. This was […]