Organic Looms: Maze

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Maze is hand woven and is available in wool and silk.  Simply luxurious.

Please allow 3 months from placement of order.  A sample strike off is available within 30 days of order.  A full refund is available if strike-off does not meet your expectations in color or quality.  Once the strike off is approved, your order will be confirmed and no refunds will be available.

CYBER SPECIAL!  Free Shipping

Organic Looms is devoted to the creation of green, sustainable, environmentally friendly Tibetan carpets.  All of their carpets are hand woven, requiring no machinery to be assembled.  The fibers are combed and spun by hand and are made from all natural products.  THese are carpets are child free labor guaranteed.

These beautiful rugs are handwoven in Nepal and India.



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