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Laura Birns, NCIDQ, LEED APP ID+C, is a nationally published, award winning Interior Designer, who will guide you through the various decisions that can make your home your castle.

“Design A La Carte”, is for those wanting professional guidance for a particular problem.  It is hoped that these packages will offer you information and tools to make the right decision the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

We make it simple and informative, allowing you to move forward with confidence, within your budget!

We will take a look at your room, your furniture, and how you have set it up.  We will offer a minimum of 2 recommendations on how to make the room look better.

If you are planning a remodel, we will be happy to look at your plans and make recommendations.

We will need a sketch of your room and the sizes of your furniture, doors, windows, ceiling height, how high the windows are from the floor.  Send us photos.  Let us know how you like to use this room and how many people you like to have in this space.  For example, if it is a family room, let us know if you have children, pets, have a gang over for Sunday football, entertain in this room, like to do group games here, etc.  The more information you give, the better we can assess the space and give you suggestions that can make a difference. Also, it helps to know if the room you are looking for advice is adjacent to another room that affects the use.

a simple sketch (see Floor Furnishing Plan for more information)

Our design motto is form follows function.  The aesthetic is successful when it is functional.


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